Hi, Viewers,

Well, it’s the 5th of November 2011 and 50 years ago today, I was born at Whinney Hill, Cleator Moor, Cumberland.

Not too long after that I began absorbing the odd tune here and there. As the years passed, I absorbed many more and some of these absorptions are here today for your listening pleasure.

They are in .wma format instead of the usual .mp3 but they should play on your computer machine thingys O.K.

You can always convert it to .mp3 yourselves if that is your desire.

(Info. for such an act may be obtained by asking via this blog or looking it up on the Interweb.)

It has been an absolute pleasure doing the show but I did opt out of any mumblings  so you could enjoy bobbing for sparklers or whatever it is you do.

And with that, I wish everyone of you many thanks and a great night.

Please look after each other and tune in again in a fortnight.





DUNC’s 50th Birthday (part 1).wma          1h 04m 27s (29.83MB)


DUNC’s 50th Birthday (part 2).wma          1h 07m 57s        (31.45 MB)


DUNC’s 50th Birthday (part 3).wma          1h 07m 55s        (31.44 MB)


DUNC’s 50th Birthday (part 4).wma               59m 21s        (27.47 MB)


DUNC’s 50th Birthday (part 5).wma          1h  01m 05s       (28.28 MB)