CHOCOLATE FACTORY (that’s right, from the 70s).

Near the end of 2010, our show ‘1 2 6 2 3’ was lucky enough to get an interview with the legendary multi-instrumentalist Ian Ferguson from Chocolate Factory (Yeah, that’s right, from the 70s).

If ya want to hear this abandoned confession from one of the outstanding influences in Blues, Jazz & Rock (and a champion along with the likes of the latest & greatest, Captain Beefheart & for me the greatest guitarist of all time, John McLaughlin) then just check out the links below:

The IAN FERGUSON interview (part 1) 16.41 MB

The IAN FERGUSON interview (part 2) 23.65MB

The IAN FERGUSON interview (part 3) 12.82 MB

Don’t miss out & prepare to be stunned (or at least initially vaguely interested).

Cheers, Ears,

Dunc & Big Tony ‘1 2 6 2 3’